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Rusty Steel



This process has been used by our company for many years. We have homes located within feet of the ocean that have been there for 10 years + and the ironwork is still rust free. 

The metalized surface has a cathodic effect that sacrifices itself to corrosion so that the iron won't rust. It's like galvanizing only bonds better and paints better.

  • Metalizing creates a barrier that is far stronger than galvanizing or paint.

  • Metalizing has a bond and tensile strength that makes it almost impossible to remove.

  • Metalizing has an ideal surface to paint to, unlike galvanizing.

  • Metalizing gives paint, regularly last for 10 years, a change that is often undermined by rust. 

  • Metalizing protects high wear areas like gates and gate posts hat are bound to get chirped and scratches. 

  • Metalizing will help as we change to more environmentally safe paint.

  • Metalizing is cost effective. Repainting a fence every 2 or 3 years is is expensive, environmentally destructive, and you wind up with your fence looking bad for portions of the process.


VILLA IRON DESIGN paints your product at no charge to you. We will field touch up most marks and bolt heads, however we do not provide a final coat or "finish coat" of paint. After touch up, you are responsible for any or all other paint matters.

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